Paisley Pruitt's Story Surviving Diabetic Ketoacidosis Type1

They said go home she has the FLU. 3 mins of chest compressions brings Paisley back to LIFE!


Paisley is an 8-year-old in 2nd grade. All around healthy and active girl. Never needed much of anything.

One morning she had the “sick eyes.” I could tell she needed rest. It was flu season and I was hoping it wasn’t flu or strep. That morning I took her to a local doctor and was honestly hoping it was one of the two so we could fix the sickness and move on. She tested negative for both. They said to have her rest, drink water, and gave me some nauseous medicine (even though she wasn’t feeling too sick at the time). 

Paisley slept for literally 23 out of 24 following hours. Breathing loud and all she would say was her throat hurt and she was super thirsty. No fever, no other symptoms that I could recall. I called them back the next day asking if they could test for mono because she has slept for 23 hours. They said she was fine and it was normal to sleep a lot. I knew something in my heart wasn’t normal. I took her to the Hospital ER. They retested her, pricked her finger, and ran a scan on her throat. 20 minutes, they said she was Type 1 Diabetic and she was going to be air flighted to Children’s hospital in Dallas, Texas. Not long after the news, she woke up and began to choke, it was like she couldn’t breathe. She was completely out of it at this point. The doctors came in, made a decision to intubate her just so she doesn’t choke anymore. Had some issues with the right size tube for her throat. She threw up and aspirated. Children’s showed up not long after this traumatic and traumatizing scene, got her stable and we were headed to the jet for Children’s. 

At children’s they waiting for her to wake up from sedation, checked vitals, everything seemed excellent beside her oxygen levels. They just weren’t at full potential and the doctor didn’t feel content with it. Something wasn’t right. Within the next two hours, her oxygen dropped and they re-intubated her again for a second time. By that point, her lungs were working so hard they were going to pop, her heart was working so hard it was struggling. They lost Paisley for 3 minutes. It was the most terrifying thing I ever saw... yes, I saw. The nurse called me over I guess to witness them doing chest compressions on my baby girl. It was and is something that will haunt me forever. Thankfully, after 3 minutes she was back! It was unreal. I was listening and signing papers for them to do whatever they could to save her life, which was life support also known as ECMO. They had the machine hooked up for her lungs and another one for her heart. She needed rest. Her lungs and heart needed rest. The next 24 hours were crucial. We needed to see the heart start to do its job. It did. 

Her lungs were completely whited out. They had so much infection you couldn’t even tell what it was. After two days, her lungs started to clear. It was amazing at what they were seeing so quickly. They said it could be months she would be on ECMO. It only ended up being 7 days. 

Paisley endured many things:

- parainfluenza infection

- cardiopulmonary arrest

- septic shock

-acute respiratory failure 

-adult respiratory failure

-aspiration pneumonia

She is a lucky girl. She was in the hospital for 14 days. She never looked back. Begin to heal mentally and physically. We went to the neurologist and there were no signs of a stroke or any brain damage. She is a living miracle. The doctor was completely amazed. 

She has adapted to her new lifestyle with Type 1 very well. It’s hard being different. It’s hard getting shots 5 times a day. It’s hard wearing weird things on your body for people to look at. We had no idea. We had NO idea. We’ve learned so much. We want others to learn and be aware. 

Thank you for reading her story. We are blessed. We are thankful to have the support we’ve had, and we are lucky to have our 8-year-old back. We know not so others are that lucky and it breaks our heart. It is so hard to comprehend. Thank you,

Summer Pruitt

Paisley’s Mom