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Racing for Camden Caldwell Brochure for 7/14

Ketoacidosis survivor Camden Caldwell

Weight Loss one of many symptoms. Know the warning signs. Does your child have the FLU? Think again ...... One Doctor gave this poor child ZOFRAN so he would stop throwing up and he could go home and DIE.. Next attempt to see a Doctor was in an Ambulance this time they had an educated Doctor. Hey Doc thanks for checking for Diabetes.

Next time you take your child to the Pediatrician or your child is feeling ill. Make sure they are not a victim of DKA. 

It can and will happen to someone you love or know as it's just a matter of time. Will you listen or ignore Lacy? 

Camden Caldwell's Story

 Story written by: Driver #4 Lacy Kuehl 

On 24th July 2014, Renee Marler took her 7-year-old son Camden to the ER after he had 4 days of vomiting, rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath.

  Doctors checked Camden for various things such as appendicitis, food poisoning, etc. They finally told Renee that Camden most likely had a viral bug and dehydration. Then the doctors sent Camden home with Zofran to help with the vomiting.

                                                  THE NEXT DAY

The Zofran wasn't working and Camden's eyes were black sunken. He could hardly breathe so Renee called the ER and she told them that she thought that the vomiting was making him dehydrated and asked if that she brought Camden to the ER if they could give him some IV fluids and the ER agreed. A different doctor was working that night that Renee went there. Within 5 minutes of Camden and Renee being there she asked if Diabetes ran through there family. The doctor asked this only because she had a suspicion that diabetes was his diagnosis. Renee said that diabetes didn't run through there family but the doctor said that she wanted to test for it just to be sure because he had all of the classic symptoms. Then after the doctor tested him she called an ambulance to come to pick him up and she showed Renee the results. Renee was so thankful for her. Then Renee went through all of the symptoms with the doctor and yes he had weight loss, and all of the other symptoms she could justify, he was also thirsty and went to the bathroom a lot.

      Afterward, he was transferred to the pediatric ICU in Plano TX  . when Renee brought Camden into the hospital and they checked his blood glucose was at 470 but it dropped throughout the night in the morning it was at 147.   The Doctor told his Mom the next day (after he was taken via ambulance to Childrens) that we were approx 24 hours away from losing him because he was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA).  :(   While in the hospital Camden learned how to take his blood sugar and gave himself insulin shots. 

                                           4 years later today

      During the last 4 years, Camden is not letting Type 1 Diabetes slow him down. He is an active 11-year old who enjoys playing baseball, basketball, and football. He is an inspiration to many kids that Type 1 diabetes doesn't have to stop you from what you want to do. 

It is my honor to race for Camden for this weekend's race. 

Driver #4 Lacy Kuehl 

Meet Ketone 9 1/2 Week old German Shepherd Service Dog

Meet Ketone Newest Member of DFDA Service Dog in Training


Let us introduce to you the newest member of Drive for Diabetes Awareness. "Ketone" 9 1/2 week old German Shepherd Puppy.
Why #Ketone you ask? : #DKA Diabetic Ketoacidosis is what took Rocco's life and many others.
We race to spread the awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and it's symptoms. NO Parent should have to lose a child from this disease. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. #DKA #DFDA #Ketone #CheckDontGuess #ThxAdd

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Our son Rocco passed away on 1.25.10  We wanted to help others with Rocco's story so we flew to Seattle Washington and made this video to warn others of this terrible disease. We helped the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research institute raise over $500,000. Please take 5 mins and learn about DKA Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Thank you 

6.10.18 Lacy announces Racing in Memory of Addison Parker

Scroll down to read about Addison and how she has saved 40 lives after her death from Sudden onset Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Addie's family has allowed us to share and educate others. Lacy will be racing in Addie's memory. Parker family we thank you for allowing us to share your story. 

Free Race Brochure for Addison Parker

Information Diabetic Ketoacidosis this can save your life.

Florida Oval Asphalt Series Race #4 Ambassador SPeedway, FL

Addison Parker Story. Diabetic Ketoacidosis claims an Angel and she saves 40 LIVES.

 08/12/11), Addie's parents took their sick daughter to the ER. Her 5th birthday was less than six weeks away.  After arriving at the ER, an IV was started and blood is drawn. The doctor noticed something: her breath smelled very sweet. She ordered a blood sugar check. Micki (mom) remembers: "I said, 'What the heck??? You are wasting time.'"  The night before, Addie had wet the bed and thrown up. When her head began hurting and she became dizzy with vision problems, her dad Darrell called Micki home from work. Addie--who wasn't normally a complainer--kept saying how badly her tummy hurt.  They thought Addie might be dehydrated from the stomach flu. . .  or have an obstruction . . .  or appendicitis.  Micki worked on a surgical unit at a hospital; of course, her mind automatically went there.  And the thought of diabetes seemed unbelievable. Blood sugar 543. Type 1 diabetes.  And DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis). Addie would be transferred to a children's hospital via ambulance.  To be sure T1D was the only issue: An x-ray of her tummy was clear. An ultrasound was clear, too.  Transportation plans changed when Addie became unresponsive during a CT scan.  She was intubated and never woke up.  The scan showed a stroke. She was flown to Cardon Children's Medical Center. Her eyes were fixed and dilated, upon landing. An ICP device (a big metal bolt) was placed in her head to drain fluid and relieve pressure.  After 6 days in the self-induced coma, her medical team gently told her family that nothing else could be done. Addie's brain had hemorrhaged through her spinal cord. She was gone.  The next day on August 19, 2011, four-year-old Addie became a donor, leaving behind her mom, dad, and 9yo brother, Alec--while gifting 40 people with life-saving organs and tissues.  Before this happened, Addie was happy and healthy.  After learning more about Type 1 diabetes, her parents realized they had overlooked symptoms. Addie had been very thirsty and urinating more since the end of July.  They had attributed her increased thirst and urination to her activity level and the Arizona heat--the temperature was soaring over 100 each day. Why would it be unusual for an active little girl like Addie to ask for sippy cups of water? And if someone drinks more, they naturally pee more, right?  The Parkers continue to share their painful story to educate everyone they can to reach others about the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes.  Addie continues to save lives.  

"I know she lives on in others who received her gifts, and for that I am grateful." --Micki Parker 







https://www.CheckDontGuess.org https://twitter.com/CHECKDONTGUESS



Florida Oval Asphalt Series Race #4

 On 6.10.18 at Ambassador Speedway  Wimauma, FL 10am-7pm Lacy Kuehl in the #4 Drive for Diabetes Awareness race cart will be racing in memory of Addison Parker. Lacy picked this story on her own. She approached us with, I know we race for DKA survivors but I want to race in her memory and share this story to help others by warning them of the deadly symptoms of Diabetes. These children do not need to die this is preventable. www.CheckDontGuess.org   

2018 Schedule Drive for Diabetes Awareness


  • January 27th Florida Dirt Motor Speedway (Land O Lakes, FL)
  • February 9-10th Florida Dirt Motor Speedway Shootout Land O Lakes, FL Racing for Philip Lague. 
  • March 3rd, Florida Oval Asphalt Series Space Coast Full Throttle Speedway Sharpes,  Florida Racing for Georgiana Dando. 
  • March 17th  at Florida Dirt Motor Speedway in Land O' Lakes, FL Gates open at 1pm
  • CANCELED April 8th Sunday Florida Oval State Series Ambassador, Wimauma, FL
  • April 21st Florida Dirt Motor Speedway Land O Lakes, FL Racing for Jayton Brown. 

  • April 23rd Iracing.com SIM Racing for a cause #PhilipStrong150   
  • May 5th Florida Dirt Motor Speedway Dialing in Kart
  • May 12th Florida Oval Asphalt series 103rd st double points Jacksonville, FL 
  • June 2nd, at Florida Dirt Motor Speedway in Land O Lakes, FL
  • June 10th, Sunday Florida Oval Asphalt Series Ambassador  Wimauma, FL Racing in Memory of Addison Parker (Addie)
  • June 23rd,   Florida Dirt Motor Speedway Oval Dirt  in Land O' Lakes, FL (Meet Ketone)
  • July 14th Dad's Dream Earl Mewhorter, Sr also Lacy is Racing for Diabetic Ketoacidosis survivor Camden Caldwell 
  • July 21st,  Florida Dirt Motor Speedway Oval Dirt  in Land O' Lakes, 


21st - Points Night
Gates Open 1pm
Practice at 3pm


4th - Points Night  & FCKL
Gates open 10am
Practice 12pm

11th - (June 2nd make up)
Points Night  
Gates open 1pm
Practice 3pm

18th - Points Night #13
Gates open 1pm
Practice 3pm

25th - FDCS

8th - Points Night & FCKL
Gates open 1pm
Practice 3pm

15th - Points Night #15
Gates open 10am
Practice 12pm

28th - Practice / Fun NIght

6th - Points Night & FCKL (makeup from June 2)
Gates open 1pm
Practice 3pm

20th - Rescheduled to Dec 8th

27th - Points Night
Practice 12pm

1st - Points Night
Gates open 10am
Practice 12pm

7th - Practice / Fun Night

8th - Points Night (Oct 20th make up)
Gates open 1pm
Practice 3pm 

Best Race of the YEAR Do NOT MISS this one......

Inverness Grand Prix & Motorsports Festival 

November 16-17, 2018 Friday 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. Street Party Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Race Day 1 Courthouse Square, Inverness
December 1st, Last race of the year at Florida Dirt Motor Speedway Land O Lakes , FL  

Our family's story about Rocco and Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Our son Rocco passed away 1.25.10 we flew to Seattle Washington and made this video to warn others of this terrible disease. We helped the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research institute raise over $500,000. Please take 5 mins and learn about DKA Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Thank you

#PhilipStrong 150 Racing for a cause DFDA.Info

Philip trying to recover from DKA Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Philip's Story of DKA 

2:57am. Headed to the hospital thinking Philip is completely dehydrated. This is not an attention thing. This is to notify all that I may not be in in the morning at work. I’ll keep you guys and everyone else in the know when we know. Again, I think dehydration is what we are looking at but can’t help him if he can’t keep anything down.

Mom: So quickly! We caught him early in diagnosis, and he was never in DKA before... He was fine yesterday morning, started going downhill at lunch, we thought it was just a tummy bug (which may have brought on the DKA)... Chris noticed his breathing was weird, and he was cold, so we came in. Good Dad

Dad: So, an update.. we have been moved from ER to PICU. When we got here his numbers both sugar and protein were bad. His temperature was 93.something and honestly, without telling us at first they were pretty worried about the little guy. Going forward from here it’s more IV and things to help remove the proteins from his body. We are going to have a meeting with the doctor and nurses. All and all it’s looking ok but until all of his numbers are back down in the normal range. Too much fluid in the brain and many other things to watch for the next several hours.

Ok, an update to the update. We will be here for at least the next 24 hours. If everything goes well we can leave tomorrow morning.

Dad: You can see he is breathing very hard and that’s actually a good thing. It’s his body fighting out the built-up gases from his organs. Sugar update is we finally have him around 380. He spiked around 720 so we are getting there. We are looking for that magic race of between 80 and 120 but have to take it very slowly or increase the risk of a cerebral edema. 

Chris, Thank you for allowing Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC Non-Profit Charity to share your personal dealings with this terrible disease. We will continue to support all diabetics.

 Phillip we got your back www.CheckDontGuess.org

Philip is a Diabetic DKA Survivor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you LIVE?

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is no joke please be aware of the symptoms. 

People may experience:

  • Pain areas: in the abdomen

  • Whole body: dehydration, excessive thirst, fatigue, loss of appetite, or malaise

  • Gastrointestinal: nausea or vomiting

  • Mouth: dryness or fruity-scented breath

  • Respiratory: rapid breathing or shortness of breath

  • Urinary: excessive urination or frequent urination

  • Also common: blurred vision, mental confusion, sleepiness, weakness, or weight loss

Post Race #PhilipStrong150


Your Race Winner for the #PhiipStrong150 is AJ Rogers a first-time winner on Racing for a cause. Drive for Diabetes Awareness will be sending AJ a DFDA hat. Way to go AJ you just won the #PhilipStrong150 We all raised $403.75 that money will be used to promote awareness of symptoms of diabetes that go ignored.

The DFDA #4 Brent Kuehl took 4th and was looking for 3rd but ran out of laps. The car came in the garage with a few dings and scratches but no major damage .23 secs of repair. Lots of great looking wraps out there with DIabetes Awarness on the track thank you. What a Great Monday Night for Diabetes Awareness.

The event was a success as thousands learned information on how to prevent certain death if diabetes is ignored and to Check Don't Guess" it just may not be the FLU. Philip and Lacy had a brief chat and talked about DKA Diabetic Ketoacidosis and how it has effected there lives. Lacy and Philip are very inspiring kids that have a no give up attitude and want to help others. Lacy will continue to race throughout Florida for Diabetic Ketoacidosis survivors Certain death from DKA that can be prevented with awareness and "Check Don't Don't Guess" it might just not be the FLU.

Watch the replay of the race on MaxSpeed TV and subscribe athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctKV_ONpeNI

Thanks to MaxSpeed TV for an AWESOME broadcast KR Sulfus you ROCK. Thanks to Racing for a cause for putting on this event run by Rick Hammond Jr and Chris Lague. Thanks to behind the scenes Adam Hammel doing graphics and poster work for promotion on getting this race done with and working with KR and MaxSpeed TV to make sure everything was right. Nascar Driver Ray Black Jr and pit crew member, Francois Pelletier Thanks for showing your support you put a huge smile on Lacy's face. Thank you to all the drivers as they donated to race.
Drivers: CJ Gates, Brent Kuehl, Kenneth Osbon, Wesley Whitfield, Bryan Hacker, Aaron Tolhurst, Ricky Hardin, Cody Jenkins, Douglas Johnson, Scotty Zirk, Conner Parise, Rick Hammond Jr, Lara Johnson, Christopher Lague, Ray Radford, Chandler Collier, Troy Radford, John Johnson, AJ Hamel, Douglas Wysocki, Shwan Cool, Jeffery Clifton, Andreas Lambert, Brian Rogers Jr, Francois Pelletier, Ray Black Jr and Rick Greenway.

Thanks to the none drivers that donated, Geoff Appelgren, Terry Rennert, KR Stolfus, Tom Quattlebaum, Brian Rogers jr, kris Parie, Charlie Smith, James Edwards, and Tim Giles. Without your support, none of this would be possible.

To see what Drive for Diabetes Awareness is up to.
Please visit our Website at www.CheckDontGuess.org
Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CHECKDONTGUESS
and subscribe to our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKM6BZzyDlA02SrIhHT4mTQ

By supporting Drive for Diabetes Awareness, you play a pivotal role in helping diabetes awareness that helps, prevents, supports and ultimately educates others about diabetes and its complications. There are many ways you can help! Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Copyright © 2016 Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC - All Rights Reserved.

Lague and Kuehl have same Q times and started side by side

Race Results

Take Note: Internet issues with the Scuba #07 car Ray Black Jr. That ended his night as soon as it began. 

Ray has driven in Xfinity and Cup in Nascar.  Thank you for your support Ray. You put a smile on many kids faces and your tire man Frency thank you as well. :) 

Inverness Grand Prix & Motorsports Festival

Join us November 16-17, 2018 Inverness Grand Prix

 Inverness Grand Prix & Motorsports Festival
November 16-17, 2018
Friday 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. Street Party
Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Race Day
1 Courthouse Square, Inverness, FL

More Information at this LINK http://www.visitinvernessfl.com/224/Spectators

The Inverness Grand Prix and Motorsports Festival is a unique event that allows street karts to race at high speeds through downtown Inverness.

This event brings a large crowd down to visit the various shops and restaurants in the area. It is a family-friendly event with activities, car shows, vendors, and races throughout Saturday.

Be sure to watch us on facebook LIVE at Drive for Diabetes Awareness for LIVE CAST of the race or go to Twitter.com and search name @CheckDontGuess 

Thank you for your support.  www.CheckDontGuess.org 

Rollin Dirty Race Engine Shop https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rollin-Dirty-Race-Engine-Shop/227368784054178 


2018 Schedule Oval Asphalt and Dirt Races